30 Days Wild: Week Four

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As 30 Days Wild comes to an end, the sun has emerged to encourage people to stay outdoors into July and beyond. The flowers bloom brighter, pollinators are thicker in the air and plants are thriving after the rain and subsequent sunshine.


I helped out at a community garden this week, taking cuttings of my rather enthusiastic house plants to share with others gardeners attending, and in preparation for a plant fair to help raise funds for the gardening group. The group also built supports for its thriving tomatoes, courgettes and beans.


I collected a seed pod from the glorious poppies in the garden. Soon, there will be many more…


My baby oak tree is thriving and I’ve enjoyed seeing my container garden perk up after the rain.


It’s been a lovely week to get outdoors and admire the skies, particularly at dawn and dusk.


Earlier in the week, pain kept me indoors more than I’d have liked but I immersed myself in a book filled with May Morris’s glorious nature inspired art, along with the fantastic nature book, Get Your Boots on by Alex White.


This well-written and easy-to-follow nature celebration gives plenty of inspiration for outdoor adventures.

Written by a junior naturalist and aimed at teenagers, the book is also encouraging for those who are more mature in years. It combines informed practical  tips on fieldwork and environmental activism with blog entries showing the beauty of nature. It’s also full of wonderful photos – largely taken by the multi-talented author – that draw you into nature, and make the book easy to read in a single sitting, and equally lovely to dip into.

As 30 Days Wild draws to a close, I have more outdoor adventures planned. I’m going on a fossil hunt, visiting a botanical garden and going to see an ancient tree in the near future. Most of all, I’ll continue to pay attention to nature, from watching a house spider to tending my baby oak tree, growing things to eat (and feed pollinators) to foraging.  30 Days Wild is always a great reminder to appreciate all that nature has to offer.






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