Read: 32 Nature Books to Brighten Your Day

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I recently wrote about six nature books to read. This triggered a great Twitter chat about people’s favourite nature reads. Soon, people had shared 32 nature book recommendations.

It seemed a useful list so here it is. There are books for all ages, from vintage classics to modern fiction and beyond. Great for Christmas gifts for nature lovers, or stocking up on autumn books to bring the outdoors in. (They’re in random order rather than any form of chart).

  1. All Rivers Run Free by Natasha Carthew.
  2. Bird Therapy by Joe Harkness.
  3. Get Your Boots on by Alex White.
  4. Hidden Nature by Alys Fowler.
  5. Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy.
  6. The Outrun by Amy May.
  7. Fingers in the Sparkle Jar by Chris Packham
  8. H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald.
  9. Little Grey Men by BB
  10. Complete Works of Beatrix Potter.
  11. Meadowland by John Lewis-Stempel
  12. Wild Signs and Star Paths by Tristan Gooley
  13. Wonderland by Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss
  14. Natural History of Selbourne by Gilbert White
  15. Underland by Robert McFarlane
  16. My Family and Other Animals by Gerard Durrell
  17. Zoo Quest by David Attenborough.
  18. Common Ground by Rob Cowen
  19. A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings by Helen Juke
  20. The Nature of Spring by Jim Crumley.
  21. Through a Window by Jane Goodall
  22. Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker
  23. Dancing With Bees by Brigit Strawbridge Howard
  24. Enid Blyton’s Nature Lovers book.
  25. Think Like a Tree by Sarah Spencer
  26. The Lost Words by Jackie Morris and Robert McFarlane
  27. Seedbombs for Bees by Josie Jeffrey
  28. Observer Book of Birds
  29. Ladybird Book of Birds
  30. I Spy books
  31. ‘Anything by Kathleen Jamie’
  32. Go Wild by Emily Goss (my book, free this weekend).

Which nature books do you love? Join in with #NatureBookClub 6pm-7pm on Sundays. This week’s questions are as follows but you can also add questions and share recommendations freely – just remember to use the #NatureBookClub hashtag to make it easy to share posts.




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