Nature Book Club: 22 Great Nature Books

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The second #NatureBookClub saw people come together to share their favourite nature books and illustrators. These are this week’s recommended books and people (in no particular order). I’ve excluded books that were recommended the previous week but you can see them here.

  1. The Wild Flower Key by Francis Rose
  2. The Shark and the Albatross by John Aitchison.
  3. Edward Thomas: A Miscellany by Anna Stemming.
  4. A Field Guide in Colour to Plants and Animals by Jan Toman and Jiri Felix, illustrated by Kvetoslav Hisek
  5. Garden Jungle by Dave Goulson
  6. Badger Behaviour, Conservation and Rehabilitation by George E. Pearce
  7. A Tour in Scotland by Dorothy Wordsworth
  8. Feral by George Monbiot
  9. The RSPB Pocket Guide to Birds
  10. Wild Hares and Hummingbirds by
  11. The Lorax by Dr Seuess
  12. Wonderland by Brett Westwood
  13. Rewild Yourself by Simon Barnes
  14. British Wildflowers in Their Natural Haunts by Horwood.
  15. Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McAnulty.
  16. A Wild Child’s Guide To Endangered Animals,
  17. I Spy nature guides.
  18. The Wood by John Lewis Stempel
  19. The Great British Year: Wildlife Through the Seasons by Stephen Moss.
  20. Birdwatching With Your Eyes Closed by Simon Barnes.
  21. Journey into the Wild: The Secret Life a Cameraman by Gavin Thurston
  22. Butterflies by EB Ford.

Other recommended authors include John Lewis Stempel,  Chris Baines and Kate Bradbury

Recommended illustrators include Jackie Morris, Chris Riddell, Sam Cannon, Helen Inkles, Jacek Matysiak, Angela Hennessy, Sarah Robinson and Cicily Mary Barker.

Join in with #NatureBookClub every Sunday 6-7pm. Questions are posted on my Groweatgift account ahead of the hour. Do tag #NatureBookClub if you see or write a  great nature book too.

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