Folklore Thursday: Rocky Terrain

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Each week, #FolkloreThursday on Twitter floods my timeline with myth, plantlore and folklore in general. This week’s theme is  the folklore of mountains, hills and rocky places for #WorldMountainDay

The rocks I instantly remembered were the Rollright Stones. As a child, I remember walking round counting the stones repeatedly, never able to get the same number, as per the legend attached to them.

Thought to be “a monarch and his courtiers petrified by a witch“, the stones are well worth a visit, and surrounded by glorious countryside. They have a fascinating history too.

Where there are rocks, you’ll often find fairies – at least according to Irish folklore. ‘Fairy Forts’ are the name given to the remains of hill forts and other round structured. They’re thought to be a gateway to fairyland if you fancy visiting (remember not to eat the food if you ever want to return home).

For more folklore, follow FolkloreThurs on Twitter, and the hashtag #FolkloreThursday.

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