Green Friday: Less Waste, More Fun

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The consumerist bombardment of Black Friday makes it easy to believe you need to shop to be happy. Bargains aren’t bargains if they cost the earth. Here are some eco and low-budget alternatives.

Join Your Local Wastenot Group

Why spend money when you can get things for free and keep them out of landfill at the same time? I make a ‘wants’ list and sporadically post to get what I need. Most recently, I got a free exercise bike from Wastenot Leicestershire – and the kind person who gave it to me even delivered. It’s a great way to clear your clutter too.



Rather than shopping, spend time sorting your belongings to see if you have any books, unopened toiletries or other unwanted gifts. I have a ‘present box’ that I add to over the year. Remember to note who gave you each unwanted gift so you don’t inadvertently return it to them!

Join Transition Towns

The Transition Towns movement brings together community minded people to reduce waste and work together for common good. Transition Towns can involve community allotments, seed swaps, tool swaps, skill swaps, repair cafes and a host of other eco and money saving things. Find out about your local group – and join in.

Make Gifts 


From knitting to toiletry making, jams to cakes, a home made gift shows you care and can save a fortune. It also provides free entertainment.

Offer Time

Most people lack time. Giving vouchers for cooking, babysitting, washing up, massage or whatever other skill you can offer is a more personal gift than generic gift sets.

Enter Competitions

From tombolas at community events to Twitter competitions, you can supplement your present box with competition prizes. Set up an email address just for competitions if you don’t want to get lots of newsletters and promotional mails (though GDPR has made this less of an issue).

Give Experiences


From alpaca walking to chocolate making, foraging tours to silversmithing lessons, an experience can be more memorable than a gift – and requires less wrapping.

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