Make: Recycled Dolls

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Recycled crafting is one of the easiest ways to see the value in things that are often ignored. I’ve written about rubbish crafting before, and throw away as little as I can.

Satsuma nets become pan scrubbers or facial scrubbers. Jars are filled with foraged produce and home made sweets. Bottles are used to make elderflower champagne and fruit spirits.


Old clothes are swapped, upcycled or turned into cleaning cloths when they’re unwearable. Paper is used for collage or papier mache.


These dolls came about after I was thinking of a way to use old tights. I also had a flat pillow that, once washed, provided me with stuffing (and reduced my waste).


Nylon turned out to be a wonderfully malleable material. As with apple dolls, it tends to take on its own life, which is one of the things I like about it.

You can make a doll of any size. I’ve made them as small as a few inches.


You can use the toes to make a head for a small or medium doll. Or you can use the gusset to make one life sized.

Start by stuffing it. Then pull at the stuffing until the face takes shape. Add stitches in the eyes, nostrils and lips to shape the fabric.

Next add paint. I use rock painting pens, along with glitter for shiny eyes and googly eyes for character.


You can use buttons


Or you can use paint alone.


After shaping and making the head, I shaped shoulders and decolletage from the thigh of one leg of the tights. Again, I stuffed it and pulled the material into shape, adding stitches as necessary.


Finally, I added a cloak and gloves, with arms made from old trousers.


My hatstand is the ideal place for Daisy (as she us now called). I have given her a quill and magic dust so she doesn’t get bored.


I’ve also given her a wig for days when she’s feeling Pre-Raphaelite.


All I have to do now is make her move.


Thanks to 64 Million Artists for the inspiration to make Daisy. Join in #TheJanuaryChdllenge on Twitter and Instagram to get creative – and have fun.

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