Windowbox Wonders
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Windowbox Wonders

Getting a windowbox set up is easy. You need: A container. This could be a traditional windowbox or you could opt for something a bit quirkier. I like to match the plant to the container, for example growing camomile in a vintage teapot; strawberries in large; stemmed glass bowls; salad in a salad bowl; or mint in … Continue reading


Plant personalities #2: Radishes

Radishes are a lovely friendly little things. They grow really quickly, are pretty low-maintenance, feel equally at home in containers as in a vegetable patch, and come in lots of interesting varieties (today’s purchase was purple radishes from Mr Fothergill’s Vegetable Explorer range, which also includes stripey beetroot, asparagus peas and scorzerona, an artichoke-like root vegetable. I was tempted … Continue reading