Adventures with microgreens #1: Using up old seeds

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If you meant to start gardening last year and bought some herb or vegetable seeds then never got around to planting them; bought seeds only to discover they’re nearing their sell-by-date; or have a glut of seeds of uncertain age for some other reason, don’t think you have to throw them away. I’ve successfully grown seeds that are long past their sell-by-date  (and if they don’t grow, you can re-use the soil to plant something else instead, so it’s always worth the gamble). As a tasty way to use them up, scatter your old seeds over windowboxes – or even a flannel – to grow microgreens.

Microgreens aren’t just a food fad. They can add a great blast of flavour to dishes, turning scrambled eggs luxurious, noodles more interesting and overly-brown plates of food more visually appealing.

You can grow herbs and vegetables including chives, beetroot, basil, lettuce, spinach, chard, carrots, cabbage, peas, broccoli, coriander, leeks and radishes in this way – and they’ll be ready to eat within 12 days.

Don’t just scatter any old seeds without checking first: parsnip seedlings are poisonous, so check your seeds are safe to eat as seedlings before you scatter them on your sandwich.

I find there’s a joy about using up seeds that were otherwise destined for the bin – particularly when the end result is so tasty.

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