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Adventures with microgreens #1: Using up old seeds

If you meant to start gardening last year and bought some herb or vegetable seeds then never got around to planting them; bought seeds only to discover they’re nearing their sell-by-date; or have a glut of seeds of uncertain age for some other reason, don’t think you have to throw them away. I’ve successfully grown seeds […]

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Sparkling wine, mushroom logs and dog poo wormeries

I’ll admit that the above may sound like a rather unappealing combination, but these were just a few of the things that made the Grow Your Own Show so much fun. The lovely people at Cono Sur gave me tickets to the show, so that I could meet the team along with their partners in crime, […]

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Lettuce make it even easier

I think the site that lists these seedbed rolls slightly over-eggs the difficulty of growing salad, particularly if you grow it in windowboxes, but I’m still intrigued by the idea. The seeds come with their own mat and polytunnel built in – you just lay the roll on the soil, weigh down the corners and water […]

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Free seeds is offering £5 worth of free seeds (to be claimed in-store) to anyone who signs up to the site. It’s got some useful info so it’s not just worth doing for the freebie, even if it is a commercial site (I signed up. Free seeds are free seeds, after all).

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