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Adventures with microgreens #1: Using up old seeds

If you meant to start gardening last year and bought some herb or vegetable seeds then never got around to planting them; bought seeds only to discover they’re nearing their sell-by-date; or have a glut of seeds of uncertain age for some other reason, don’t think you have to throw them away. I’ve successfully grown seeds […]

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Windowbox Wonders

Getting a windowbox set up is easy. You need: A container. This could be a traditional windowbox or you could opt for something a bit quirkier. I like to match the plant to the container, for example growing camomile in a vintage teapot; strawberries in large; stemmed glass bowls; salad in a salad bowl; or mint in […]

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Smoked trout salad, home made burgers and Fiddlehead ferns

I’ve had an utterly joyful Easter weekend full of foraging, Easter egg hunts, BBQs and enjoying the first few meals from the garden. Along with home made burgers (good mince with a reasonable fat content, finely chopped fried onion and good bacon, tomato puree, Balsalmic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, chilli, Maldon salt and pepper, all mixed together, formed […]

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Living with lettuce

Of course, if you sneer in the face of a mere windowbox and own your own house, you can always opt for making a living wall instead. Lettuce, rocket, spinach, sorrel and tumbling tomatoes are just a few of the veg you can grow, and if you get bored of the way it looks, just […]

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