Grow your own mushrooms

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I was recently lucky enough to go to the Grow Your Own Show courtesy of Cono Sur wine. One of my favourite stands there (excluding the ones with lambs to cuddle) was Woodfruit’s mushroom growing stand. The lovely Adam clearly knows more about mushrooms than your average man, and shares his knowledge freely, and with obvious passion (without descending into fungiphile propagandising).

I posted about his fantastic mushroom logs at the time, but was also very impressed with his grow your own mushroom kits (£20 incl P&P, and am planning to experiment with mushroom-growing soon. Adam’s currently working on kits that use coffee grounds as a growing medium, and a number of other exciting projects. I’ll be interviewing him once those reach fruition, and picking his brains for mushroom growing tips. In the meantime, should you wish to create a perennial mushroom patch on woodchips in your garden, or simly grow your own mushrooms indoors (you get three to five crops over a two to three month period), give his kits a go.

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