Grow your own cocktails #9: Golden Adam and Eve

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As summer turns into autumn, this makes a delicious seasonal alternative to  G&T that apparently costs a mere £1.30 per glass to make.

OK, it’s not quite as cheap as the elderflower champagne we made earlier this year: sugar + lemon + 500 elderflower heads + boiling water = 40 litres of elderflower champagne (enough for a friend’s wedding toasts at the princely sum of around £40, of which £20 was set up costs, buying a big plastic tub.) However, it’s a long time until elderflower season (though elderberry port is still feasible – and delicious – as are blackberry vodka and gin). In  the meantime, enjoy supping this delicate but suitably alcoholic drink – and try garnishing it with fresh mint or borage from the garden, which should hopefully still be thriving, to add a homegrown edge.


35ml Russian Standard Gold vodka
100ml Premium fresh apple juice, e.g. Aspall
Slice of green apple and a fresh cinnamon stick to garnish


Pour the ingredients into a long glass over cubed ice and stir. Garnish with a slice of green apple and a cinnamon stick.


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