Sweet as Candy
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Sweet as Candy

Want a sweet treat and a delicious smelling house? Make candied peel. I’m not really a fan of shop-bought candied peel because it’s too bitter and dry. However, home-made candied peel is the perfect balance of sweet, chewy and crunchy. It’s lovely nibbled on its own, reaches a whole new level dipped into dark chocolate … Continue reading

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Smoked trout salad, home made burgers and Fiddlehead ferns

I’ve had an utterly joyful Easter weekend full of foraging, Easter egg hunts, BBQs and enjoying the first few meals from the garden. Along with home made burgers (good mince with a reasonable fat content, finely chopped fried onion and good bacon, tomato puree, Balsalmic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, chilli, Maldon salt and pepper, all mixed together, formed … Continue reading