Grow your own cocktails #5: Bloom Bellini

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The weather may be chilly but you can still evoke a hint of summer with this delicious cocktail.

Bloom Gin is a gorgeous gin with chamomile and honeysuckle botanicals. It’s floral, delicious, and a great accompaniment to fizz.

Bloom Bellini


  • 1 shot BLOOM gin
  • ½ shot pear juice
  • Topped up with chilled prosecco

 Shake pear juice and Bloom gin with ice and fine strain into a chilled champagne glass. Garnish with a white flower.

You can press your own pear juice if you have pear trees nearby (look around and you’ll be surprised at how many fruit trees there are, even in towns: and ask around friends as too many people have neglected trees in their gardens)

Alternatively, you can buy lovely fresh pear juice for the recipe, and make the cocktail your own by garnishing with a flower from the garden (carnations, day lilies and English daisies are all edible – just make sure you don’t use any that have had chemicals – or pets! – anywhere near them).

Watch out for competitions listed on Bloom Gin’s Facebook page if you’re skint (and make elderflower champagne in the spring as a delicious alternative to prosecco).

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