Spring Into the Weekend

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With spring now here, there are lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Try one of these this weekend.

  1. Foraging: From wild garlic and nettle soup to dandelion and primrose salad, taste the spring by picking the best of the new season’s produce. Use the tips of nettles (first 4-6  leaves) and fresh new dandelion leaves for the best taste. You can also use them in stir fries or as an alternative to spinach. And as spring progresses, watch out for elderflowers – and the joy of elderflower champagne and cordial.
  2. Flower spotting: Daffodils and hyacinths,  crocuses and pansies, and a host more flowers besides are now bursting through the soil. How many can you find?
  3. Duckling watch: I spotted the first ducklings of the year on the canal this week. The bundles of fluff are surprisingly speedy but also much braver than older ducks so get photos while you can.
  4. Lamb feeding: many farms and farm parks open their gates to the public during lambing so you can enjoy feeding a lamb.

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