30 Ways to Go Wild When You’re Short on Time

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If you like the idea of getting involved in 30 Days Wild but haven’t got round to getting started, or started 30 Days Wild late and are playing catch up, here are some quick and easy ways to go wild so you can tick lots of ‘random acts of wildness’ off your list in limited time (possibly one short nature walk).

Whether you’re busy with work (in which case, remember that connecting with nature has a host of business benefits) or have limited energy, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the magic of 30 Days Wild.

  1. Carry bird seed in your pocket and feed any birds you pass when you’re walking around.
  2. Run your fingers through grass, and focus on the way that it feels underneath your fingertips.
  3. Photograph a flower.
  4. Eat outdoors.
  5. Carry (native) wildflower seeds in your pocket and scatter them wherever you see a drab piece of land.
  6. Eat local, seasonally grown vegetables.
  7. Plant a seed (if you don’t have any, plant a virtual seed, and you could also win a Forest Holiday).
  8. Use an eco-friendly search engine.
  9. Get a reusable coffee cup.
  10. Hug a tree.
  11. Look at an insect closely.
  12. Pick up any litter you see. You can dispose of it in a recycling bin or use it for nature crafting (I’m turning all the plastic bottles I find into bottle gardens.)
  13. Tweet about #30DaysWild.
  14. Like #30DaysWild posts on Instagram.
  15. Post about how businesses can get involved in 30 Days Wild on LinkedIn.
  16. Water a plant.
  17. Look at the clouds.
  18. Feel the wind on your face.
  19. Dance in the rain.
  20. Look for urban wildflowers.
  21. Watch wildlife from your window.
  22. Take a cutting of a plant (with permission from whoever planted it!)
  23. Look at the moon.
  24. Listen to birdsong.
  25. Drink elderflower cordial or champagne (bonus points if you make it yourself – easily done with a spare couple of hours for picking and making, and delicious all summer long.)
  26. Buy fresh herbs rather than cut ones and create a herb garden in your kitchen.
  27. Don’t cut the lawn – leave it for wildlife (action through inaction.)
  28. Create a 30 second bug habitat, such as a bee watering station (pebbles and water in a container outside – you could use something from your recycling box).
  29. Look at the sun through the trees.
  30. Join your local Wildlife Trust online.

If you need more ideas for 30 Days Wild, or simply want to spend more time outdoors, save money and learn about the latest research into the benefits of nature, my book Go Wild! Over 200 Ways to Connect With Nature is now available on Amazon.

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