30 Ways to Go Wild In Hot Weather

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As temperatures soar, and the pollen count rises, it can be tempting to hide in a cool, dark room. However, getting out in the sunshine is good for the soul (or at least your Vitamin D levels). Do wear sunscreen: impersonating a lobster for 30 Days Wild is not to be recommended. And don’t forget your hat and sunglasses. Try one of these to turn a sunny day into happy memories.

  1. Put out a bird bath.
  2. Create a bug watering station, with pebbles for them to stand on.
  3. Have a water pistol fight in the garden (ideally, focussing your aim on the bits of the garden that need watering.)
  4. Visit a cave. Once you get underground, you’ll soon cool down.
  5. Feed the birds: in  hot weather, worms can wriggle deeper underground so birds may need supplementary food.
  6. Put out food for the hedgehogs – they suffer from the lack of worms too.
  7. Build a sandcastle. Decorate it with seaweed – then look up the names of the seaweed you’ve used.
  8. Visit a waterfall – and watch out for rainbows.
  9. Make a fresh tomato juice (ideally from tomatoes you’ve grown but if not, buy local): chop fresh tomatoes finely, or blitz them in a blender, then squeeze the juice out through muslin. (If you want it to be as clear as possible, let the tomatoes drip through the muslin overnight, in the fridge, instead.) Drink as it is or add vodka and your favourite seasonings (I go for horseradish, celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and a little fresh chilli or, sometimes, coriander).
  10. Make chilled Gazpacho soup.
  11. Try scuba diving and see what wildlife you can spot.
  12. Use your bath water to water the garden: pollinators like perky flowers.
  13. Watch a frog in a pond.
  14. Follow a stream to its source.
  15. Read a book under a tree.
  16. Go wild swimming.
  17. Protect your pets – don’t take dogs for walks on hot pavements, and watch for signs of overheating.
  18. Make your dog an ice lolly by mixing dog food with water and freezing it. Make sure you label the dog ice lollies, and don’t use human food unless you know it’s safe for dogs.
  19. Never leave a dog in a hot car. If you see one, report it .
  20. Wait until night time to water your plants, to avoid scorching the leaves.
  21. Make sun art by putting leaves or flowers on special paper.
  22. Make a cooling foot bath from water, fresh mint, menthol aromatherapy oil and oats.
  23. Make a floral water spritz with elderflowers, mallow, rose petals and your other favourite blossoms. Just put the blossoms in a standard plant spray bottle, and add water.
  24. Have a solar powered shower in the garden (keep your swimming costume on unless your garden is suitably private). You can build your own solar powered shower or buy them ready-made.
  25. Camp out overnight.
  26. Take photos of the sun. Move your phone or camera around to see how the light changes.
  27. Drink elderflower cordial or a Mockito (lots and lots of chopped fresh mint, muddled with brown sugar and lime, and topped up with sparkling water.)
  28. Make edible flower ice lollies. Use elderflower cordial or your favourite squash.
  29. Make herb and flower ice cubes. Borage is pretty and great with gin. Thyme is good for a Bloody Mary.
  30. Make your own rainbow.

If you’re looking for more ways to make the most of nature, I’m donating all June profits from my book, Go Wild! Over 200 Ways to Connect With Nature to The Wildlife Trusts (and it currently only costs 99p.) It also includes money saving tips and research on the benefits of nature. Buy it here.

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