Deep in the Faraway Forest…

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The Faraway Forest lies in deepest Suffolk. In just a few weeks, it sees the return of Latitude Festival: a glorious celebration of arts, nature, science, food and life in general.

In the middle of the forest, the faerie folk and local wildlife are preparing. The sheep are awaiting their make up.


The faerie folk are rehearsing  (they grow to human size during the festival to avoid being trampled – and because they love to play.)

20170617_143403.jpgThey take dress rehearsals very seriously.


They are memorising their lines. The double headed dragon, Laddy*, comes in handy as a prompt as he can read ahead and talk at the same time.


They are spending hours perfecting the lighting.

The whole site is gradually filling up. The dinosaurs have promised to stand at the back of the audience so they don’t block anyone’s view.

2017-06-18 06.05.20.jpg

Magical creatures are flocking from miles around to watch their rehearsals.


The unicorn is a particular fan.

2017-06-18 06.11.45.jpg

2017-06-18 06.12.16.jpg

But this fairy is a bad influence (she stripped down to glittering pasties!) She also injected the apple with elderflower vodka. The unicorn is not a drinker. He will not accept drinks from strangers again.

2017-06-18 06.11.17.jpg

The forest looks particularly magical at night.

2017-06-18 23.20.46.jpg

The faerie folk all have fond memories of last year (except the naughty fairy who has forgotten what she did, but got some excellent Faebook and Impagram pictures so assumes she had a good time.)


The faerie folk are particularly impressed with the Latitude approach to the environment (including a lovely Faerie Liaison Team who are impressively aware of faerie diversity, and know their Wood Elf from their Rainbow Sprite.)

Latitude still have a few volunteer slots available if you want to meet the faerie folk of the Faraway Forest. You can also buy tickets here.  Apparently, there are some excellent humans performing too.

* The double headed dragon changed his name from Ladon after faking his own death and having major plastic surgery (a multiple headectomy) to escape the past.



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