Friends Arrive in the Faraway Forest

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Set up has begun in earnest now in the Faraway Forest. The elves are honing their performance, chatting to the crew about tech. And new arrivals are appearing on site every day.

2017-06-24 15.18.46.jpg

The dinosaurs come in handy for moving kit. This means the faerie folk can save their magic for their performance.

2017-06-24 13.44.26.jpg

The birds and fairies are more useful for putting the lights up.

2017-06-24 15.17.44.jpg

However, this fairy can be flighty. She loves making new friends and can get too immersed in conversation and lose track of time.

2017-06-24 15.22.17.jpg

Luckily, this bird is diligent and ensures the job is finished. And he thinks the new friendship is rather endearing.

2017-06-24 15.21.09.jpg

The flower fairies have arrived and started putting up the decor. They are known for their fabulous outfits and incredible creations. Giant flowers are, of course, a speciality.

2017-06-24 15.17.10.jpg

The mermaids are preparing the lake for wild swimming. Mostly, this involves alerting the local residents.

2017-06-24 15.16.35.jpg

The forest is starting to glow with magic. The locals are getting used to being showered with glitter – but it’s biodegradable so they don’t mind too much.

2017-06-24 15.21.45.jpg

Everyone’s plans are coming together. And there’s not long to wait…

The Faerie Folk of the Faraway Forest have learned that there are still volunteer spots available for Latitude Festival so if you want to meet them (and see all the human acts) but can’t afford it, give your time rather than your money. The team is very fairy (and human) friendly and lovely to work with. Alternatively, buy a ticket and escape into the Faraway Forest – and beyond…


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