Canal Love

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The canal is one of my favourite places to spend time. Even in the rain, there’s joy to be found in watching the ripples on the water. Here are some other ways to have fun for free along the canal.



Autumn has come early and with it, the season to make jam, elderberry port, blackberry and apple jam and hawthorn jelly.

Grab an ID guide if you need one, then go ‘food shopping’ along the canal.

Feed the Birds

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The swans, ducks and other canal residents provide a natural soap opera. Watching ducklings become ducks (and seeing a whole family of seven ducklings survive) has brought with it happy memories and lessons.


Did you know ducks still cheep like ducklings for a while after they reach adult size? I only discovered that this year – and it’s very cute to witness.


Do make sure that you feed the ducks healthy food though. Bread is bad for them. Save stale bread to make autumn pudding and feed the birds oats, bird seed or other bird safe food instead.



Find Flowers


The canal banks are full of wildflowers – and lots of lovely gardens back on to the canals too.

Take photos to share on #Wildflowerhour on Twitter every Sunday 8-9pm, or just enjoy the free display of beauty.

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