3 Ways to go Wild This Weekend

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The weather may not be blue skies and sunshine but there are still lots of ways you can connect with nature this weekend.  Try one of these.

Forage for Comfort Food


Wrap up as required and head to your nearest blackberrying spot. Watch out for apples too – the first windfalls are falling from the trees.

After a walk in the cold, few ways of warming up are more comforting than feeling the heat of the cooker as you scent your home with jam, or make a blackberry and apple crumble( use oats for a gluten free alternative to traditional crumble. You can use crushed flapjacks for a crisper topping).

If you have leftover bread, don’t feed it to the ducks: it’s bad for them. Turn it into autumn pudding instead.

Spread #LoveNotLitter


If the weather’s not too grim, get outside with a bin bag and litterpick any rubbish you can see. Wear gloves to avoid any unpleasantness.

Once you’ve finished, leave a natural reminder to love the world. Tweet me @groweatgift using #LoveNotLitter and I’ll share the love.

Get Nature Crafting


Use nature finds such as feathers, twigs, pine cones and twigs to create arts and crafts. From fascinators and bouquets to pine cone hedgehogs and leaf rubbings, nature can help you save a fortune on crafting supplies.

If you don’t have any natural finds and it’s too wet to go out and collect things, use the contents of your recycling box instead. Tights can become dolls, solo gloves can become teddies, old magazines can become collages; and packaging can become fairy wings, gardens or flowers. Use your imagination to go wild this weekend…

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