Spread Love Not Litter This Autumn

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Back in June, I started spreading Love Not Litter with the help of my partner.

It’s a simple and fun way to make the world a little nicer. First litter pick, then craft the word ‘love’ with natural finds, in an effort to discourage people from littering again.

2017-08-29 00.40.47

Since then, it’s become a regular thing whenever we see litter and have a little time.

2017-08-29 00.36.46

We’ve crafted ‘love’ from pebbles and leaves, wildflower seeds and twigs.

2017-08-29 00.18.00

2017-08-29 00.36.27

2017-08-29 00.24.05



2017-08-29 00.15.12

Now that autumn’s here, it may be chillier but there’s even more to craft love with once you’ve litterpicked.


Wrap up to stay cosy, pack gloves and bin bags and spread Love Not Litter this autumn.


Share your pictures on social media using #LoveNotLitter – and if you scatter native wildflower seeds too, you can make the world even lovelier by spring.


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