Autumn Nature Spotting

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The flowers may be going to seed but there are still plenty of beautiful things to be seen. Try spotting everything on this list over the course of the week.

  1. Autumn Leaves. Whether they’re turning the trees into colourful delights or crunching underfoot, there are beautiful leaves to be seen right now.
  2. Squirrels. October is Squirrel Awareness Month. Find out more about these cute creatures – and maybe take some unsalted nuts to the park.
  3. Ivy: The ivy still provides berries for the birds, and keep pollinators happy too. Its dark green leaves look beautiful against the fallen brown leaves.
  4. Berries: from hips and haws to rowan and elderberries, the hedgerows are full of colour.
  5. Seedheads: The poppies and other flowers are going to seed. Collect the seed heads and tap out the seeds for seed-swaps in the spring, then use the seed heads for crafting.
  6. Fungi. The damp weather brings fungi to the forest – and elsewhere. I’ve seem fungi pop up in plantpots and appear in the lawn. Don’t eat (or touch) anything you can’t ID. There are many toxic fungi that closely resemble edible ones. Even if you’re a mushroom expert, make sure you leave some to grow: follow the Foraging Code.
  7. Sunset: At this time of year, the clouds often add extra drama to sunsets. Enjoy the colours.

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