Naturally Soothing

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I’ve been blighted with the bug that seems to be affecting many people at the moment. Sleep has consumed more hours than I’d like.

However, I’ve felt soothed by the cough syrup I made earlier in the year. It combines blackberry and elderberry juice with honey and ginger: a lot of ginger.

I used five crushed ginger ice cubes, along with 3 tbsp of honey, glycerin and lemon juice, and about half a pint of blackberry and elderberry juice. It’s as soothing as any shop bought mix I’ve tried – unsurprisingly as the ingredients are similar. The flavour is satisfying, tasting as if it’s doing good even if it is placebo.

I find it helps soothe the throat and feels warming. If you don’t have berries, it works well with ginger, honey and lemon juice too. And of course, you can always add a whisky or other spirit to help you sleep…

2017-08-18 02.53.34


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