Zero Waste Week: Wasteful Beauty

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zero-waste-week-logo-300-x-200I’ve long been a fan of making my own toiletries. It saves money, provides top quality fresh products and means you can tailor products to your allergies and aroma preferences.


Over time, I’ve amassed a reasonable range of aromatherapy oils by asking for bottles as christmas and birthday gifts – they last a couple of years if stored correctly and a little goes a long way. They bottles are generally glass and can be reused to give friends aromatherapy blends as gifts once empty.

However, you don’t need aromatherapy oils to make toiletries. Your store-cupboard contains all you need for cleanser, face packs, face and body scrubs, massage oil and numerous other products.


Why Bother?

It may seem like unnecessary faff but making your own products saves more than money (as well as being fun).

Zero Waste Week reports that the global cosmetics industry produces over 120 billion units of packaging every year. The cardboard alone contributes to the loss of 18 million acres of forest annually. And with women using an average of 12 products per day (& men using five) it’s no wonder so much is produced.

Count how many bottles and tubs you have in your bathroom. You may be surprised by the number.

Make Yourself Beautiful


After using the toiletries you’ve got, save the packaging and refill it with home made toiletries. You can use oats, honey, salt, vinegar, sugar, sunflower oil and vanilla essence to make a host of lovely things. Not sure where to start? Try these toiletry recipes.

The sea safe scrub is a favourite for mornings: all the exfoliation with none of the microbeads – and an aromatic caffeine blast as an added bonus. You can add any fresh herbs that appeal (though chilli is best avoided…)


You can make all you need for a home spa in half an hour or less.  As an added eco-bonus, use any savings to buy a bamboo toothbrush and reusable washcloths/sanitary products to replace make up removal wipes (if these are feasible for you). There’s no need to add to the cosmetics waste more than you need to.

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