Zero Waste Week 2018: Waste Less, Spend Less

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Last year, I heard about Zero Waste Week, and loved discovering new waste reduction and money saving tips. I enjoyed it so much that I became an ambassador for it this year, to help spread the word.

Taking place 3-7th September, it encourages everyone to reduce their waste to help the planet.


Why aim for zero waste? In part because we’ve already used up the world’s resources for the year, and exacerbating this seems nonsensical. It can also save a fortune, encourage creativity, help wildlife and generally make the world a nicer place.


Over this week, I’ll share zero waste recipes, along with tips on making your own cleaning products, toiletries and upcycled ‘useful things’.


Going zero waste is also great for the garden and your crafting stash. Find out how to re-use packaging from anything you can’t avoid buying – and add luxury to your life.

Follow #ZeroWasteWeek on Twitter and sign up on the website to join in. And if you’re based near Loughborough, come to Upcycle Your Life on 22nd Sept, 11am-2pm at Fearon Hall, for lots more zero waste tips and fun.

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