Wellbeing: Autumn Walks

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The weather may be challenging but a brisk autumn walk can provide so much beauty. Put on your thermals, add layers, scarves and a hat and brave outdoors to refresh your spirits. There’s so much to see.

Look for Lichen (and Moss)


Spread Love Not Litter


More details here.

Admire Autumn Leaves

Feed the Birds


Choose oats or bird seed not bread, as bread can harm them: it’s bird junk food and can lead to algae in the water. Birds appreciate bring fed more as food becomes less abundant.



There’s still food available if you know what to look for. Chickweed, self-heal and mushrooms abound (avoid the latter unless you know exactly what you are doing).

You may find rosehips and haws too, though leave lots for the birds. Conkers can be used to make laundry soap though can irritate skin so only use for decorative items that won’t touch skin/dishcloths.

Nature finds are plentiful too, thanks to the wind. Make leaf roses or collect pretty twigs and branches for seasonal displays.

Make the most of nature this autumn, and prepare for coming festivities: autumn finds can be used to create table displays, festive scenes and gifts. Bring the outdoors in this autumn to add life to your home.




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