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HopeFest is now heading into its third weekend, and the fields of Fairyality are filling fast. Some people in reality are struggling to cope without structure, or feeling overwhelmed. Escape to Fairyality for fun, play and a break from the blahs.


The (ever-evolving) schedule is as follows:

7am-3pm daily: Disabled and chronically-ill only access. Expect lots of inclusivity talk, with the Painicorn, Dinosaur Snr, and other Fairyality friends with all manner of disabilities and conditions.


Plastic straws are freely available, stages have ramps, unicorns and dragons provide mobility to the wobbly, perfume is banned to avoid triggering MAST cell issues and the Green Room (made from ecoglitter) is stocked with FODMAP-friendly food.


If you’re a disabled performer and want a disabled audience, tweet me at GrowEatGift for a slot on a stage 7am-3pm – though you’re just as welcome on the main literature, cabaret, comedy, arts, poetry and music stages outside these hours.


From 3pm until 6pm, it’s over to the Fields of Fun, full of family-friendly crafting inspiration and educational fun.


Over coming weeks, expect jelly baby science, rainbow making and  special surprises from Brighton Science Festival.


There’s a crafting zone, a science tent, the Unlimited Library full of all the books that have ever been and will ever be written.


Dara McAnulty is just one of the special guests lined up to share wisdom and wonder.


Baby Dragon is a big fan of Jack Monroe. He heads to her BootstrapCook feed every day at 5pm to check out her latest recipes. He loves her Tin Can Cookbook, which he bought with his pocket money as it’s currently 99p.

The Garden of Dreams has new idea seeds (and books) being planted daily. Fairyality are hoping a new Jeff Noon book will fruit soon.


The garden also plays host to gardening tips galore, whether you’re new to growing, an allotment regular or a sustainability superstar.

If you feel stressed, visit the Stone Circles for all manner of expert wellbeing advice, from dance therapy to anxiety-easers from counsellors and academics including Karin Sieger and Dr Petra Boynton (Check out Calm.com for more mindfulness tools too.)

At 6pm, it’s time for bedtime stories to start around the family fire. Share your bedtime tales – or stories your children have written – until 8pm.

As night falls, things get more Gothic, and Hookland beckons. Humour is darker and spicier. As the witching hour approaches, folklore leaches from the land around the Storytellers’ fire. Capture the words to share with others.


Later on, Cabaret Virale are HopeFest regulars, scattering ther cabaret, comedy and circus sparkle all over Fairyality – and often saying things that are best kept away from junior HopeFest attendees’ ears. They always leave laughter in their wake though – which is great for Fairyality as laughter is magic, and helps them conjure more hope.


From midnight, death talk is actively encouraged. From your fears to your perfect funeral, feel free to share your thoughts on mortality. It binds us all (except vampires and other immortals, and even they have opinions).

Drop in to HopeFest any time. Bring a tent, dress up, have a picnic and share Arts and Crafts ideas and creations. HopeFest is there for everyone to enjoy. Share your creativity. Have fun. Spread hope.

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