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Autumn Crafts: Apple Dolls

There’s no doubt autumn is here. The chill nights and damp days are brightened by hedgerows jewelled with hips and haws; the ducks are more grateful for bird seed; and the occasional rainbow brightens the days. The last of the blackberries and plums offer dark, comforting delights (though be warned: the devil spits on blackberries […]

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Zero Waste Week: 50 Ways to Go Zero Waste for Good

Going zero waste is a steep demand. No matter how hard you try, unavoidable waste is a product of our consumerist society. I can’t start the day without waste as I take medication that only comes in plastic and foil packaging. My disabilities and budget mean I sometimes have to rely on chopped vegetables from […]

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Zero Waste Week: Clean Up Your Act

Look under the sink in most homes and you’ll find a stash of cleaning products. Antiseptic sprays and floor cleaner; bleach and washing powder; furniture polish and window wipes. Cleaning is, ironically, responsible for messing up the planet in a big way. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. Many classic cleaning methods are […]

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Zero Waste Week: Cut Kitchen Waste

The kitchen can be a huge source of waste – and it’s more than just food waste. Clingfilm and tinfoil, ready meal packaging and tins, along with fat eager to join its fatberg family in the sewers: the kitchen can present a challenge for the zero-waste inclined. However, it’s far from insurmountable. Beeswax wraps can […]

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Zero Waste Week: Wasteful Beauty

I’ve long been a fan of making my own toiletries. It saves money, provides top quality fresh products and means you can tailor products to your allergies and aroma preferences. Over time, I’ve amassed a reasonable range of aromatherapy oils by asking for bottles as christmas and birthday gifts – they last a couple of […]

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Zero Waste Week 2018: Waste Less, Spend Less

Last year, I heard about Zero Waste Week, and loved discovering new waste reduction and money saving tips. I enjoyed it so much that I became an ambassador for it this year, to help spread the word. Taking place 3-7th September, it encourages everyone to reduce their waste to help the planet. Why aim for […]

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5 Ways to Have Fun for Free This Weekend

Late summer is a wonderful time to have fun for free. The weather is generally mild enough to explore outdoors in relative comfort, and nature has provided a glut of free food and crafting supplies. Try one of these this weekend. Go Blackberrying   Blackberrying is an easy gateway to ore advanced foraging. It’s easy […]

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